The 2019 meeting of JSBBA Hokkaido Branch

・Date:November 23(Sat)〜24(Sun)
 Venue:Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido Univ.(Sapporo)

 November 23(Sat)
 13:30 〜
 Award ceremony and award lectures
 15:10 〜
  Invited lecture I, Prof. Hideaki Oikawa(Faculty of Science, Hokkaido Univ.)
  Invited lecture II, Prof. Ryusuke Hatano(Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido Univ.)
  Invited lecture III, Emeritus Prof. Hideyuki Chiji(Fuji Women’s University)

 17:50 〜
  Banquet (Faculty House, Restaurant Elm)

 November 24(Sun)
 9:00 or 9:30 〜
  Oral presentation and award ceremony for excellent student

・Abstracts should be submitted as follows;
 1)Deadline for abstract for oral presentation, October 15(Tue)
 2)Use the following template file(save as “word “file)

 3)The specific topics will include:
  A) Environmental biotechnology and biomass utilization
  B) Organic chemistry, natural products chemistry
  C) Enzymes
  D) Foods
  E) Microorganisms
  F) Animals
  G) Plants
  H) Bioscience
  Please choose the one that fits to your research as 1st, and select the other that closely
  matches your research as 2nd, and send to the following address together with the abstract.
   hira* (please replace * with @)

 4)Award for excellent students to “Student Member”
  “Student Members” who will apply to “Award for excellent student” should send e-mail to
   hira* (please replace* to @) with the following information.
  A) JSBBA membership number
   (if admission procedure is in progress, please use the number “9999”)
  B) School year (What grade are you in)